About Us – Traditional Rawhide Braiders


Traditional Rawhide Braiders owner, David Bartlett, is a life long horse enthusiast who has always been amazed by the braided rawhide vaquero tack. Although considered a dying art form here in America, this is not the case for our braiders, whom have been braiding to make a living for several generations. For over seventy years, our braiders have been perfecting the tradition and creating some of the finest braided rawhide tack in the world. Traditional Rawhide Braiders has teamed up with these connoisseurs of the functional braided artwork that adorned their horses, and we now spread their products throughout the world.

award-winning-bosal-video-thumb-e1382040705812Since 1997, Traditional Rawhide Braiders has offered high quality braiding to the western horse market. We braid Vaquero, Buckaroo, and performance horse tack. Our braiding is considered to be collectible museum quality and can be found on display at the world famous “Don King Western Museum” in Sheridan, Wyoming. You can find our products at the top tack and saddle shops around the world, including Southern Spain, where the vaquero tradition began.

Our braiders are proud of their braided rawhide tack products and collections.  David Bartlett’s passion for the product lead him to sharing the product with the U.S. What began as a hobby became a business. We are now one of the largest makers of quality braided rawhide tack in the world. From high profile trainers and competitors to buckeroos and cowboys, our braiding can be found all over the horse world. Were found in Canada, North America,South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many others including Southern Spain.